which session is right for you?

2 Hour Public Skate Sessions
These sessions are for all ages & abilities.
Music is on during these sessions.

Wednesday Beginners' Session
This session is for those just starting their skating journey. This is the only session we allow helpers to walk on the rink. A marshall will be on the rink to assist. Music is on during this session.
We also run lessons during term time - see below

Thursday Fun & Games
This session is an interactive session with senior coach Mel: games, cones, disco.
So if you want a fast, fun session, this is the one for you!

Thursday Adults Only (18+)
This session is for those who want to skate without
the worry of running into little ones. Practice your skills, skate fast or slow.

Friday Night Roller Disco
With our resident DJ Summy, it's the perfect way to start the weekend. Skate to all the latest tunes, try your hand at limbo, do the macarena, or just skate the night away under the disco lights!

We run events thoughout the year, from Glow Discos, Silent Disco, Halloween
and Christmas Parties.
Check out the Events page.

We run lessons through term time. Group lessons on a Monday, Thursday and Saturday and 1:1 lessons on a Tuesday and Wednesday.